IVSI – Congress – 2025

Dear member nations!

The next IVSI Congress will take place from March 16-23, 2025, in the Czech Republic, Dolni Morawa.

Exact details can be found on the congress homepage

We look forward to seeing you again in Dolni Morawa.

Obituary for Ing. Fritz Mares



    IVSI is now starting the rollout phase of the new electronic ID cards. These new cards bring a great simplification of the administrative tasks (validity of the card is controlled electronically, information transfer, training level of the card holders etc.) for our association.
    The new IVSI cards legitimize the activity of our instructors. The validity of the cards can be controlled via a smartphone.
    There will be a transition period of 3 years, after which the old cards will lose their validity.
    The cards can be ordered through the respective member nations.
    The contact details can be found on our IVSI homepage.



Committee and Commission meeting:

  •         The next Governing Board meeting will be held in Vienna from 27 – 29.10.2023.