Code of honour

§ 1 The International Federation of Snow Sport Instructors (IFSI) may honour the following persons
and institutions for particular and outstanding merits and achievements:

  1. Personalities who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of snow sport instruction.
  2. Staff of outstanding merit in the member federations, within IFSI and in Interski-International.
  3. Member federations of IFSI and Interski-International.

§ 2 IFSI may confer the following honours:

  1. Vote to become honorary chairperson
  2. Honorary membership
  3. Medal of honour / snow sport instructor
  4. Certificate of honour

§ 3 Proposals for conferring an honour can be made by the member federations and the members of the chair.
The proposals must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by the corresponding reasons.

§ 4 The chair will decide if an honour is conferred.


This code of honour was adopted, together with the amended statutes,
on the occasion of the delegates' assembly held in YongPyong/Korea on 31.01.2007.


You can also download our code of honour as PDF:

>>Code of honour (46 kb)